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Mr Meatball – a new Swedish food store in Hong Kong. COMPETITION: WIN 5 KG MEATBALLS

Meet one of our strong Swedish profiles in Hong Kong – Per Ågren. Per is for many of us known as the guy who brings the Swedish food to Hong Kong – primarily through SverigeShoppen but also through all events where you meet him and his crew serving Swedish meatballs. We decided to ask Per some questions about his new initiative Mr Meatball which will open on June 24th.

Tell us a bit about Mr Meatball

Mr Meatball Hong Kong will be focusing on Swedish frozen quality food. With raw materials and ready-made food of the highest quality, we want to make Hong Kong consumers aware of the benefits of frozen food as well as to discover the best of Swedish brands.

Which Swedish products can we expect to find in the store?

The aim is to offer the most well-known Swedish brands in the store, whether it’s food from the sea, plant-based products or meat products. We have put a lot of effort into working with brands that use Swedish produce. We are proud to ensure our consumers about the origin of the products, for example, that the chicken is guaranteed Swedish. Which means they are hatched, bred, slaughtered and processed in Sweden. Swedish breeders are responsible for providing good animal husbandry, environment and food hygiene as well as safety standards. Therefore we prioritise brands that provide country of origin labelling and clearly display where their products are from, such as, “svensk fågel” i.e “Swedish bird” as an example.

Mr Meatball will be a physical store – will it be possible to buy online?

mrmeatball.hk will open a brick and mortar store in Sham Shui Po, with all the required licenses to handle and sell frozen foods. This store is a “destination store” and will serve as a retail outlet for customers who prefer shopping offline and don’t mind going a few extra metres to buy economically smart. It will also function as the distribution centre for online orders, which is the main sales channel of the project. Location is everything and since we are not located in any of Hong Kong’s Central Business Districts, we are able to offer affordable prices, which we know that Hong Kong consumers appreciate. Also, SF-Express, which delivers frozen products within Hong Kong enables us to sell conveniently to any customer in Hong Kong. With a dedicated online store focusing on frozen products, we aim to establish a market position as the go-to store for frozen high-quality food.

You have been running SverigeShoppen for several years – why do you see the need for another shop?

We have been selling frozen food in SverigeShoppen over the years, but the logistical challenges in terms of cold chain deliveries within Hong Kong have made it almost impossible to have a mixed online store with room temperature food, fresh chilled groceries and frozen products. Another main reason is that we want to attract local consumers with this investment. This is why all products in the online shop will be translated and available in Chinese and English rather than in Swedish with only a few translated products in English like in SverigeShoppen’s case.

Frozen food sounds like a very Swedish concept - how will you convince the locals to buy our Swedish frozen food?

There is currently a very strong market trend in Hong Kong regarding cooking food with air fryers, and people therefore, demand mostly frozen food products. For example, the biggest Hong Kong air-fryer groups on Facebook has more than 200k members and are very active communities. This shows how strong the air frying trend is in Hong Kong right now. Also, Hong Kong consumers see “imported” as a strong selling point in general and Nordic food brands are often associated with high quality and safety standards as well as a good reputation for being delicious food.

Will it be possible to come with requests for new products?

Yes, and as a matter of fact, we have already been communicating with our valuable SverigeShoppen customers to receive input and product ideas before opening this shop. We value our close relationship with our customers and appreciate it when our customers come to talk to us. Since we are still developing the product categories and selecting brands, we are very much open to suggestions.

And the last two questions…. WHO is Mr Meatball? Where did the name come from?

In the beginning it was all about selling the Swedish Brands and just like Sweden is associated with fika, Swedish Fika, I think Sweden is associated with meatballs. Just take a quite large famous furniture company that have Swedish Meatballs on the menu as an example, people connect Sweden – meatball. So in order to sell our Swedish Brands I started to fry meatballs at every exhibition, event and corner.  I ate a few too.  I came in like a meatball…..(Miley Cyrus)

Per Ågren. Founder & Owner of Mr Meatball 

Visit the Mr Meatball Store

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