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New public art creates magic at Örebro’s preschools

At the newly built Norrstjärnan preschool, the magical creatures in the corridor have become a hot topic among the children. At Silva preschool, a large glittering stone with supernatural abilities has landed on the farm and at Österängen’s preschool, a colorful shoal of playful figures arouses the children’s curiosity.

Örebro Art Gallery is responsible for public art in Örebro municipality. There are over 200 public works of art in various places in the municipality.

– This type of public art is produced especially for each preschool, based on the location and educational goals. Often in close collaboration with the artist, and also the school, says Gabriella Menerwa Kaasinen, curator of public art at Örebro Art Gallery.

The designs are possible through the so-called one percent rule, which means that at least 1 percent of the budget for municipal new or redevelopments intended for public activities must be set aside for building-related artistic designs. Since 1968, Örebro municipality has been working according to the one percent rule. Örebro Art Gallery projects projects that are made under the one percent rule and manages Örebro Municipality’s art collection.

– These three works of art were completed in 2020, but due to the pandemic, no inauguration was held, Gabriella says.

Briefly about the new art:

Works: The birds from OZet, artist: Maria Bajt (b. 1976) educated at Kungl. The Academy of Fine Arts and operates in Berlin
Location: Norrstjärnan Preschool, Centrum norr, Örebro.

Norrstjärnan’s preschool has undergone a complete transformation, magical creatures have taken over the school and adorn walls and floors in the long corridor that connects the preschool’s ten departments.

The title of the work alludes to the well-known story The Wizard of Oz. In the vicinity of Norrstjärnan’s preschool are Oset and Rynninge Nature Reserve. With the famous saga in mind, Maria Bajt has let the birds from Oset be thrown into tornadoes and wake up in the land of OZ. In this country, nothing looks like it used to. A bird has leopard skin and tail. A Canada goose has a very long neck and its usual gray-black drawing now has a pattern with large colorful spots, almost like a real giraffe.

– Since the art was installed, the children’s attitude to the corridor has changed completely. Instead of rushing through it, they stroll and ask questions about the multicolored hybrid creatures, and the stools shaped like giant steps from magical creatures become tools in spontaneous obstacle courses, says principal Anna Lorinius.

Read more about the thoughts behind it, and the children’s reactions to the Birds from OZet at orebro.se

Works: Stimmet, artist: Stina Löfgren
Location: Österängen preschool, Örebro

Colorful, playful figures have appeared on the façade of Österängen’s preschool. Örebro Art Gallery has worked together with the illustrator and designer Stina Löfgren (b. 1980), educated at Konstfack and active in Stockholm, who created the work.

The artwork consists of many images, so-called representations, of what is in the immediate area; animals and plants from the brook, pebbles and candy wrappers from the surroundings. Together, the images create the colorful artwork The Voice.

The animals are caught in the middle of movements that enhance the animals’ characteristics. Stina describes it as the worm behaving “wormily”.

In groups, the figures form a bustling, energetic work that can be seen as a large whole or divided into smaller constellations that form their own small stories, scattered puzzle pieces or puzzles.


Works: Magical glittering stone, artist: Sara Mirzajanzadeh
Location: Silva preschool in Brickebacken, Örebro.

In Brickebacken, a magical glittering stone has landed at the Silva preschool. The artwork is made by Sara Mirzajanzadeh (b. 1983) educated at Kungl. The Academy of Fine Arts and operates in Örebro. Sara has shaped the work together with the children at the preschool through workshops, which then came to the conclusion that they needed a magic stone in the schoolyard. The work is a large stone covered with glitter lacquer, which shimmers in sunshine. The stone’s magical powers come in the form of its educational content, where children are encouraged to talk to the stone to see what it answers. The artwork is adapted to the school’s pedagogy of own learning and the spirit of discovery, and the stone becomes a natural gathering point for questions, conversations and meetings.

– At one of our workshops, one of the educators asked the stone what happens to the buds in the spring, whereupon the children wondered what buds are. So before we could move on with the issue, we discussed buds together, says Sara Mirzajanzadeh.