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New record for Textiljakten: 31 tons in 3 weeks

The textile hunt 2020 in Trollhättan, Uddevalla and Vänersborg broke a new record. In just three weeks, just over 31 tonnes of clothes and other textiles were collected via middle school classes and in the recycling boxes located around the municipalities. The result corresponds to reduced emissions of 325 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions if it replaces the purchase of new production.
– This really shows what we can achieve when we work together, says Susanne Eriksson at Wargön Innovation, an innovation environment for the development of recycling and sorting of textiles.

The textile hunt was arranged for the second year in a row by Wargön Innovation in collaboration with Trollhättan Energi, Uddevalla Energi and Vänersborg Municipality. During the premiere year 2019, especially fifth-graders collected just over 7 tonnes of clothes and textiles, which would otherwise have been left in wardrobes and drawers. Or even worse; thrown in the trash.

– This year we invited the entire middle school, but we also urged the public to be more active and return old discarded clothes and textiles in the boxes that are always at most regular recycling stations, Susanne Eriksson points out.

Second hand and recycling

The call had the desired effect. During the three weeks 9-27 November, almost 30 classes together with the public submitted a total of over 31 tonnes. Everything was weighed by Wargön Innovation before the fundraising organization Björkåfrihet (formerly Emmaus Björkå) took care of what can be reused and sold via second hand, for the benefit of charitable causes.

– We strive for as much as possible to go to recycling and in the next step to recycling in the form of new textiles or other materials. The small proportion that will eventually remain will be energy, explains Susanne Eriksson and points out that a single newly manufactured jacket has a greater environmental impact than 393 second-hand jackets.

Trollhättan's boxes were filled

In Trollhättan, the textile boxes at the recycling stations were filled like never before. Compared with the same three-week period 2019, a marked increase was noticed to just over 14 tonnes.

– We focused on the collection boxes this year and it is only to thank the people of Trollhättan, who seem to have discovered that this opportunity always exists. And that is the most important thing about the Textile Hunt. Together, we will become better at recycling and stopping throwing textiles and old clothes in the rubbish, as textile production generally means a great burden on the environment in the form of chemicals, water and energy consumption, points out the communicator Kenneth Wilson.

Schools showed the way in Uddevalla

In Uddevalla, eleven middle school classes participated at six different schools.

– Our schools have really shown the way in the pursuit of a more sustainable everyday life and together collected over 1.5 tons of clothes and textiles that are now being used again. It has been a real pleasure to collect everything, says Anders Gillerstedt, supervisor in waste management at Uddevalla Energi.

In Uddevalla, the public also filled up with almost 6 tonnes.

Great response in Vänersborg's schools

In the municipality of Vänersborg, too, hard efforts were made this year to include many schools and classes. The response was fantastic.

– It is so incredibly inspiring to meet the great commitment that exists. In addition to the public’s contribution of just over 6.5 tonnes, 17 classes at ten schools in the municipality have collected more than 3.4 tonnes. And the fact that the young people show the way means so much and also gives us adults an extra food for thought, states the environmental strategist Boel Carlsson.


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