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NEW SINGLE. Anna Bergendahl is back with the single “Grain of Trust”

Anna Bergendahl, the popular artist with the unique voice, is now releasing her new single “Grain Of Trust” – a strong pop song with a text that is about trying to see a light in the dark. Together with her voice and Peter Kvint’s fine production, Anna gives us here a song full of hope that she dedicates to everyone who has worried about loved ones over the past year.

“I notice more and more that my songwriting becomes a way for me to process everything tough you go through in a life. “Grain of Trust” is written by me and Peter Kvint and is about finally getting together again, family and friends, after a long time apart. Several in my family have been affected by cancer, and we, like everyone else, have not been able to meet because of the virus. On the way to the studio, I talked to a family member who had a pregnancy complication, and that day it was a little difficult for her to see the light. So I wrote a pep song to her, to my family and to everyone who worries about loved ones at this time. About the light coming, about better times coming. If we just stick to that grain of hope. ” says Anna Bergendahl.

In addition to Peter Kvint, the single also features experienced musicians such as Andreas Dahlbäck on drums, violinist Mattias Johansson and cellist David Bukovinszky. The string arrangement is made by Peter Kvint and Grammy winner Mattias Bylund.

Over the past year, Anna Bergendahl has stayed behind the scenes where she wrote new music and read another year on the medical line.