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Outdoor is popular – Outdoor conference is the new black

We all really want to meet now, but we have to wait a little longer to have a bigger meeting indoors, but before that we will meet outdoors!

There is a fantastic positive effect of an outdoor meeting, we are together at a safe distance and get to experience nature with soothing sounds and wonderful scents.

Outdoor conferences are preferably done in the woods or by the sea, but a vast meadow works just as well, perfect for talking about the future, welding the group together and sharing experiences. We have nature as a base for one or more days and this provides the conditions for good conversations, exciting thoughts and new ideas.

We have coffee and lunch outdoors, we can prepare lunch together with the help of simple and locally grown ingredients over an open fire and in the company of a fantastic setting. The restaurant in nature is one of the better you can offer, everything tastes good outdoors! Works in all weathers and it is simply Clothes after Weather that apply.

We can stay in tents or cabins, but of course also more comfortably in a mansion or hotel, depending on your wishes.

An outdoor conference can be done all over Sweden, but below are some suggestions for fantastic destinations in Sweden that also work well to get to by bus or train.

Forest Conference | Småland

There is real primeval forest and lots of lakes and in Småland the forest is always present and perfect for outdoor conferences. Why not also spend time with artists and create your own forest art, only the imagination sets limits here.

Outdoor Conference | High Coast

The High Coast offers exclusive luxury in the form of wonderful hikes to magical viewpoints, climbing and cultural elements and why not a kayak trip under the High Coast Bridge, an awesome experience. 

Wilderness Conference | Dalsland

Many are talking about Dalsland now, and for a reason of course. Dalsland offers fantastic nature and here you have every opportunity to experience the wilderness in an active way together during a Wilderness Conference. Dalsland can attract with hiking, horseback riding, zipline and the always popular raft building. So there are always the dreamy glass houses, as long as it is worth a visit in our beautiful Dalsland.

Salt Sprinkled Conference | West Coast & Bohuslän

With the sea as a backdrop, the days on the West Coast and Bohuslän will be just as wonderful as you expect. You can walk along the sea, paddle on the sea, fish from the sea while forest and meadow are not far away where we can also enjoy hiking, cooking and much more.