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SkiStar and SOK in new collaboration: Creates motion all year round

Ahead of the upcoming Olympics, SkiStar and SOK, the Swedish Olympic Committee, are entering into a collaboration to draw attention to the Olympic Games and at the same time offer activities and challenges for children and adults at SkiStar’s destinations in Sälen and Åre.

– Our collaboration with SOK is well in line with SkiStar’s work to get more people moving and to make more people want to be active on holiday together with family and friends. We share the same values ​​as SOK and maybe there are some future Olympic participants among our guests who test their first turns on the ski slope or cycle down their first trail. Regardless of who or what, our collaboration enables more people to be inspired around an active lifestyle and contribute to the sports dreams of the future, says Mathias Lindström, commercial director at SkiStar.

The collaboration is, among other things, about SkiStar becoming one of SOK’s official suppliers. Already during the winter season this year, SkiStar and SOK will introduce the “Olympic Challenge” in Åre and Sälen where families can try out different Olympic disciplines. “Olympic Plaza” which will be built on site will be a gathering place where the challenges are based, awards will be held for the children and where you can also watch Swedish Olympic events over the years.

For the summer season, Olympic training camps are launched at SkiStar in Sälen for young people who get the opportunity to take the next step in their sports investment, train, test SkiStar’s summer activities and spend time with Olympians together with other children and young people.

The collaboration between SkiStar and SOK also gives Olympic athletes the opportunity to use SkiStar’s destinations for training during the summer and autumn seasons.

– It will provide good training opportunities for those active in SOK’s program. In addition, we will get more people moving and build on our common values ​​around an active and healthy lifestyle, says SOK’s marketing manager Tobias Hauff.

About SOK:

The Swedish Olympic Committee, SOK, is a non-profit organization that consists of the sports federations that are on the Olympic program. SOK was founded in 1913 and is responsible for the Olympic issues in Sweden. The basic values ​​of the Olympic movement are respect for each individual and friendship across all borders and striving to develop beyond their own borders. SOK’s main task is to prepare and lead the Swedish participation in the Olympics with a view to competitive Olympic troops. https://sok.se/

About SkiStar:

Fjällturismbolaget SkiStar AB (publ) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap segment. The Group owns and operates mountain facilities in Sälen, Vemdalen, Åre and Hammarbybacken (Stockholm) in Sweden, Hemsedal and Trysil in Norway and St. Johann in Tirol in Austria. The business is divided into three segments; Operation of ski resorts, Property development & development and Operation of hotel operations. As the leading holiday organizer for Scandinavia, SkiStar’s business concept is to focus on creating memorable mountain experiences with guests, developing sustainable destinations, offering accommodation, activities, products and services of the highest quality.