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Stylt and Pater Noster win Hospitality Design Awards

Swedish design agency Stylt has won gold in the international design competition Hospitality Design Awards. The concept and interior of the 152-year-old four-master residence at Pater Noster on the island of Hamneskär outside Marstrand was awarded this week with the jury’s special award – Special Judges’ Awards: Small-key Hotel.

Hospitality Design Awards are organized by Hospitality Design magazine and reward the world’s best and most innovative projects in hospitality, with a focus on hotel and restaurant design. More than 1,000 entries participated in this year’s competition, which was decided in New York on September 21.

– We are incredibly proud to win the jury’s special prize. The appointment also puts the finger on what we consider to be the new luxury in our industry, namely authenticity, privacy, unique nature experiences and a clear human fingerprint. Actually, the ambition has not been to create a boutique hotel, but rather to make our interpretation of and tribute to the isolated home where the lighthouse keepers and their families lived for over a hundred years, says Stilt’s founder and creative director Erik Nissen Johansen.

– A big congratulations to Stylt and Pater Noster! It’s becoming a habit to congratulate prestigious awards, but nonetheless fun. Pater Noster attracts international visitors to come here, and it creates positive consequences for all other talented hospitality players who operate in western Sweden, says Fredrik Lindén, CEO of the Tourist Board of Western Sweden.

In just one year, the windswept lighthouse outside Marstrand has received massive international attention, won several awards and appeared in a number of different contexts. On the theme “The Isolated Cinema” during the Gothenburg Film Festival, for example, it was here that a person lived completely alone for a week with access to all the festival’s films. Then Hollywood called. Pater Noster had been selected as the only European destination for the exclusive “goodie bag” given to all Oscar nominees.

– In addition to creating concepts and interior design that touches, it is about creating a complete guest experience. Out here, guests can catch their own dinner, learn about the island’s exciting history, about the sea and nature. It is about stepping out of one’s everyday life and into a home on the horizon, says Erik Nissen Johansen.