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Sustainable fashion is a movement of creating change to fashion products and the fashion industry towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. It concerns more than addressing fashion textiles or products. It comprises addressing the whole system of fashion – from producers to consumers. 

Welcome to Sustainable Fashion Days – an initiative to increase knowledge, share experience and build bridges.

SwedTALKs on Sustainable Fashion

December 3rd, 2020. Recorded at The Mills, Hong Kong

Get inspired on these two digital SwedTalks about Sustainable Fashion . You will meet leading representatives from the fashion industry, both from Sweden and from Hong Kong. These seminars are produced by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the Consulate General of Sweden in Hong Kong. All in collaboration with HK Design Centre and The Mills.

These SwedTALKs are a way to build a bridge between Sweden and Hong Kong. 


Dec 3, 2020 4-4.30 pm

H&M is one of the leading fashion brands in the world. There are lots of discussions about the responsibility of the big corporations when it comes to the future. Hula is much smaller company who benefits the seller, the buyer, the environment.

Which are the challenges and opportunities within sustainable fashion? Listen to this discussion between Redress, H&M and Hula.



Dec 3, 2020 4.40 - 5.10 pm

A changing world demands new ways of working. The fashion industry needs to break down barriers. This forth SwedTALK will focus on Fashion Tech and the impact it will have on a sustainable future.

Learn how to improve profitability, sustainability and speed to market by using data. This discussion will give you key insights on how do do things in a new and competitive way – by focusing on data and quality.

Why is Sustainable Fashion important to Sweden?

I am proud of Sweden being a forerunner in the quest for the sustainable fashion industry we urgently need. We believe collaboration and sharing of knowledge is key to finding solutions, and with the SWEDTalks we wish to deepen the dialogue between Hong Kong and Sweden around challenges and opportunities ahead.
Helena Storm
Previous Consul General, Consulate General of Sweden
The impact of sustainable fashion is highly valued both in Sweden and Hong Kong. The bridging initiative with Sustainable Fashion Days aim at sharing experiences and increase the collaboration between the two markets within this field. We are proud to see so many distinguished speakers sharing their knowledge and look forward to increased exchange between companies, governments and consumers.
Christian Bergenstråhle
General Manager, Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Our previous SwedTALKs on Sustainable Fashion




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Voices on Sustainable Fashion

Get inspired by a variety of Swedish brands, institutions and Hong Kong experts. Listen to their stories on sustainable fashion. Click here

SWEDEGOOD - New Online Design Shop

Instead of a planned popup shop with “Good” Swedish design, a new onlineshop is being launched – SWEDEGOOD. Find unique products – upcycled, recycled or products with a “good” and sustainable story. 

If you wish to support the designers by buying a product, you get a 15% discount if you place an order before June 14. Use the code SWEDENHK when you check out. All prices include shipping so no additional costs.

Swedish Fashion Delegation Trip to Hong Kong

(Postponed due to Covid)

Are you a small Swedish fashion brand interested in Hong Kong? In December 2020 we plan to bring a Swedish delegation here, while Fashion Asia take place in Hong Kong. 

We will offer an interesting program with SwedTALKs, field trips, pitch event and knowledge exchange between Swedish and local Hong Kong designers. It will be an experience of a lifetime.

Do you want to know more? Then….

EXHIBITION: Fashion Revolution - The Future of Textiles @The Mills

Previous exhibition - FINISHED

Clothes affect all of us on this planet. We are all, to some extent, consumers regardless of the climate we live in and whether we follow the latest fashion, wear hand-me-downs, shop at large chains or buy tailor-made.

At the same time, fashion and textile represents one of the most polluting trade industries. Swedish businesses and research centres are among the main drivers for investment in more sustainable systems.

Fashion revolution – the future of textiles is an exhibition that highlights the industry’s major challenges, showcases Swedish solutions and guides you as a consumer to contribute effectively. The material is produced by the Swedish Institute with the help of researchers and other sustainable fashion experts.

Rebuilding a More Sustainable Fashion Industry After Covid-19

Click here for full report. More reports can be found here