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Svenskt Tenn re-launches Josef Frank’s Aurora wallpaper

On April 27th, Svenskt Tenn is re-launched the Aurora wallpaper, which was designed by Josef Frank in 1947 and has been in the archive since the 1960s.

Svenskt Tenn’s archive has approximately 3,000 drawings and sketches of furniture, lighting and products as well as about 250 original patterns for wallpaper, carpets and fabric patterns designed by Josef Frank. The archive also contains a large number of historical objects that were previously in production. Svenskt Tenn’s archive is a part of the National Archives of Sweden.

“In our mission, we have a responsibility to safeguard the cultural heritage that Svenskt Tenn manages. We do this by changing the prints that are in production and letting certain fabrics and wallpaper rest in the archive. This ensures that the range is varied and the patterns remain fresh. With Aurora, we see that the time is right and that the wallpaper, with its bright colours, contributes to the rest of our wallpaper range,” says Thommy Bindefeld, marketing and creative director.

Josef Frank composed dreamlike wallpaper prints where realistic vegetation meets colourful flowers of the imagination. With their pink, blue and violet tones, the flowers unite in the Aurora wallpaper, a name that means “dawn” in Latin.

As with Svenskt Tenn’s other wallpaper, Aurora is manufactured at Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik (Ulricehamn’s wallpaper factory). It costs 110€ a roll. The Aurora wallpaper currently decorates the store on Strandvägen and there is a film from the factory on Svenskt Tenn’s website showing how the wallpaper is produced.