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Sweden expands as the world’s biggest outdoor gourmet restaurant

To highlight healthy and natural food available in nature, Sweden launched The Edible Country a 100 million acre DIY gourmet restaurant, in 2019. Due to overwhelming success and growing demand The Edible Country expands with additional 13 new tables situated in the most beautifully places in all over Sweden – in the deep forests, in the rugged archipelago and by serene lakes.  

An ever increasing global interest in sustainability and holistic health has made the project of foraging for accessible and healthy food in the Swedish nature a sought after experience for visitors from all over the world. Since the start, more than 1000 of bookings from all over the world have shown interest in foraging and outdoors cooking with healthy, natural ingredients, like herbs, berries and fish.

Highly processed foods have become everyday food for people all over the world, with healthy alternatives often perceived as complicated and inaccessible. With The Edible Country, Sweden proves how natural and healthy food can be just as tasty and easy to make as anything else can, with ingredients available in nature. The Edible Country consists of a nine-course menu to inspire visitors to prepare and cook themselves – in the nature. It is co-created by Swedish Michelin-starred chefs Titti Qvarnström, Niklas Ekstedt, Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr and their recipes will serve as inspiration for those eager to try. When reserving a table, you will also get the option to book other add-on services that will help you during your experience, for example your very own personal guide or chef and a basket with the necessary ingredients to cook the recipes outdoors.

As part of the initiative, 23 handmade wooden tables have been placed across the country with ready-to-use kitchen kits and cooking tools. The tables are bookable between May and September on visitsweden.com/ediblecountry. If they are fully booked, it is still possible to visit The Edible Country and prepare the dishes at any other preferred location within Swedish nature – the recipes are accessible for all, as is the Swedish nature.

“We can see by the huge interest last year that there are many visitors willing to venture out in the forest and learn what we can make out of it in terms of gourmet food. Many of them are surprised by the ease and accessibility and realize that this is something they can do in their own countries. The Swedish nature is open for all, “The Right of Public Access”, or ‘Allemansrätten’ as we call it, invites everyone to roam free and explore the beauty of our country. As long as you do not disturb and do not destroy, you are welcome to enjoy nature as much as you want. We are very happy that we through The Edible Country have created an increasing interest that hopefully will spread all over the world.”

The dishes on the menu vary depending on the season, so the ingredients can be found in nature almost all year round. Among the dishes is forest broth with poached perch and broiled herb butter, and freshly smoked char with chanterelles and wood sorrel. This and much more is found in The Edible Country, which is now open for reservations.

The Edible Country at Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

Visit Sweden has placed a few tables in some of the most beautiful places in Sweden. 

Guests are invited to cook a meal with tastes of raw produce they can gather themselves in nature. One of the tables is at Stufvenäs Country Hotel, south of Kalmar, in the southeast corner of Småland.

Taking a seat at this very special table, you’ll find yourself right next to the glittering Kalmar Strait, dining under prestigious oak trees. Just a short distance from Stufvenäs Country Hotel, the table is set in both a scenic and historic setting.

With the sea in sight and one of Sweden’s largest oak tree’s nearby, you’ll be accompanied by the seabirds’ song and the whisper of the reeds. Taste the flavours of the county of Småland whilst walking among windswept juniper bushes and blooming sloe bushes.

Photo: Stufvenäs Gästgifveri 

More information about the experience: visitsweden.com/ediblecountry

Book a table at visitsweden.com/ediblecountry


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