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Swedish comedians provide digital lessons for students

In a new series of digital lessons from Unga Dramaten, different Swedish comedians tackle each important topic. Sissela Benn is first out with a deeply personal lesson on performance anxiety. – Performance anxiety is deep. To dampen it, one must practice failure. Do your best but fail and put up with it, she says.

Surveys show that mental illness is increasing among students. Stress and performance anxiety are one of the main causes. The requirements for high grades to be able to study further in high school and then in college are consuming many young people today.

In her lesson, comedian Sissela Benn shows what performance anxiety can do to a person. In this case, herself.

– I myself have so much performance anxiety that I could not write the script for this film, as I was supposed to do. Director Fijona Jonuzi took over, says Sissela.

Lessons for life from Unga Dramaten are aimed at students in high school and high school. In a series of films, Swedish comedians address each important topic in a humorous way. The next film is planned for the autumn of 2021, but the subject and participants have not been nailed yet.

Fiona Jonuzi and Paula McManus have written the script based on an idea by Sissela Benn. Fiona Jonuzi has also directed. In addition to Sissela Benn, David Book, Lena Endre, Hulda Lind Jóhannsdóttir, Jonas Malmsjö, Per Mattsson, Eric Stern, Sanna Sundqvist, Nina Zanjani and Marcus Vögeli participate.

Sissela Benn is a comedian, actress, director and screenwriter. She broke through with the character Filippa Bark, which she created, wrote the script for and played. In 2010 she wrote her own TV series Anneli, in which she also played the lead role. As an actress, Sissela has appeared in a large number of plays, TV series and feature films, including Sune vs Sune (2018) and Sune – Best man (2019) .

Fijona Jonuzi is a film director, screenwriter and photographer, and has, among other things, made the acclaimed film The Greatest.

Paula McManus is an actress, playwright and director and since December 2020 artistic director of the young stage / east, Östgötateatern’s children and youth stage.

The lesson for life: Performance anxiety, about 30 minutes long digital lesson for high school and high school.