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Swedish influencers with the most followers 2020

Influencer Marketing continues to be one of the fastest growing channels in 2020. People are now spending more time than ever on social media, due to the current situation around the world.

Influencer marketing company Beatly lists for the third year in a row Sweden’s largest influencers on Instagram, where we find several favorites such as. Bianca Ingrosso and a couple of newcomers who are big internationally, such as Elsa Hosk and Clara Lindblom with 2M followers.

“We focus on Influencers who make commercial collaborations with brands, but would like to take the opportunity to mention an Influencer and person who has made a huge impression on the world by 2020 and that is Greta Thunberg. With her 10.55M followers on Instagram, she had taken second place on the list after Felix Kjellberg “.

According to the survey Swedes and the Internet, Instagram has increased in total by 12 percentage points since 2019. They also mention that 9 out of 10 people between 16-25 years continue to use Instagram daily but also that more pensioners have joined the platform during the current year.

The survey was done through Beatly’s independent platform where they analyzed the accounts that are the largest in Sweden on Instagram. An interesting look at 2019 is that the growth of the profiles has decreased by -99 percentage points in total. We can also see that the involvement of Influencers in e.g. fashion decreased by 27% from 2019. Probably two of the reasons are that more goes towards video (Stories) and more people choose to follow more smaller Influencers.

Top influencers in Sweden

Top Sweden 2020NicknameFollowers Dec 2020EngagementThe average number of commentsIncrease per day
Felix Kjellbergpewdiepie21.6M16,7%1841952
Elsa Hoskhoskelsa6.42m3.2%447−117
Anna Nyströmannanystrom8.56M2,0%1152−1100
Linn Löweslinnlowes2.73M2,8%662580
Rachel Brathenyoga_girl2.1M0,8%242−128
Clara Lindblomclara_lindblom2.01m2,0%376−314
Hanna Öberghannaoeberg2.00m3,8%3651100
Kenza Zouitenkenzas1.85m4,5%18310
Janni Delérjannid1.36m5,8%243−284
Bianca Ingrossobiancaingrosso1.21m3,2%103229