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Swedish films in the 2010’s – a summary

Filminstitutet (The Film Institute) sums up Swedish film’s 2010 figures. How many films were movie theater successes and how many were praised by critics? Many of the films have had a long life through streaming services – and right now is a good time to rediscover the Swedish 2010s on the TV couch.

These were the the Swedish films of the 2010's:

  • En man som heter Ove (A man named Ove) (2015) by Hannes Holm – the most viewed Swedish film since 1980, with 1,715,176 movie theater visitors.
  • Sameblod (2016) by Amanda Kernell – the Swedish film with the highest rating index (4.40 out of 5) since the Film Institute started the measurements.
  • 32.8 million movie theater tickets were sold for Swedish films, giving a market share for Swedish films of 19.7 per cent during the decade.
  • 2.99 in the rating index was the average for Swedish films during the period, higher than the average for foreign films (2.90). For films with production support from the Film Institute, the grade point average was 3.13.
  • 54 movie-theater successes with more than 200,000 visits premiered, just over five on average per year. 51 of these have received production support from the Film Institute. Of the three films that did not receive production support, none reached over 300,000 visits.
  • 84 critically acclaimed films with more than 3.5 in the rating index, more than eight on average per year. 81 of these had received production support from the Film Institute.
  • Eight films had both a rating index of over 3.5 and more than 200,000 movie-theater visits: Bamse och tjuvstadenBorgHimlen är oskyldigt blåKänn ingen sorgMig äger ingenMonica ZPalme och Svinalängorna. All films have received production support from the Film Institute.
  • Major movie-theater successes every Christmas – despite the competition from other films being the biggest during the high season of cinemas, Swedish films managed to reach a large audience during all of the decade’s Christmas. Eleven December premieres over the decade have attracted more than 400,000 visitors and three attracted over a million.
  • Swedish comedies were popular – the top list of the most viewed Swedish films from the 2010s is dominated by comedies, and twelve Swedish comedies with a premiere in the 2010s have reached over 400,000 visits.
  • The best ratings went to drama and documentary – the top list of Swedish films with the highest rating in the 2010 century consists almost entirely of drama and documentary films, and 77 of the films with more than 3.5 in the rating index were drama films or documentaries.
  • Many Swedish films from throughout the decade are constantly updated on streaming services and television. Several of the films have been watched by over a million TV viewers and a film such as The Hundred Year Old that stepped out the window and disappeared (directed by Felix Herngren, 2013) had been watched by at least 3.3 million Swedes even before the television premiere.
Photo by Mark Standley Svenska Filminstitutet

Main photo: En man som heter Ove is the Swedish movie from the 2010s that has been seen by most people in movie theaters in Sweden. Photographer / Source: Anders Nicander / Three Friends Produktion AB


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