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Swedish Oumph! Named the World’s Best Food Brand at the World Food Innovation Awards

Swedish plant-based Oumph!, which was recently acquired by LIVEKINDLY Collective, reaped a prestigious award on Tuesday when it was named “Best brand” in the World Food Innovation Awards.

– We are super happy to win such a prestigious award; it gives an incredible amount of positive energy to the team that has put their heart and soul into this brand, says Henrik Åkerman, Global brand lead for Oumph!

He continues:

– We see this as proof that we are on the right path. That a plant-based brand can win an award like this is a positive signal for the future not just for Oumph! but for the whole plant-based movement.

The World Food Innovation Awards are one of the oldest and most established awards in the industry and aim to celebrate innovation in all segments of the food world.

– The brand is really uniform and stands out from the crowd in everything from name, graphic profile and product. Love it! Says Suzanne Van den Eshof, one of the jury members.

At the award ceremony, Oumph! the award for best food brand with the following motivation:

“Wow this brand has cracked the code in how to make herbal products both modern and good. This is what the herbal category needs to transform and make it cool and yummy. ”