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Swedish profile in Hong Kong – Josefine Bin Jung

Please enjoy our next “Swedish profile in Hong Kong interview”. We had the pleasure to meet Josefine Jung and ask her a few questions…

So, who is Josefine Bin Jung?

I’m the Chief Commercial Officer of a company named Diginex, a disruptive impact tech business helping organizations to address the world address ESG and sustainability issues. I’m originally from Sweden, but lived half of my adult life in London where a big part of my heart still is – left with my brother, my house and friends I love. I moved to Hong Kong with my family three years ago and absolutely love it. The climate, the beaches, the atmosphere of central, new friends and our fulfilling jobs are difficult to replicate anywhere else.

My family and I live on the southside of HK island, we chose to live there because I love all things water; the beach, swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, boating, wake surfing, you name it! I feel like I am my best self with the ocean in view, giving me perspective on life and all that I’m grateful for. Maybe it’s in part because I’m an Aquarius. 

I have three young kids (5, 3, 2), they love to keep me busy both day and night. I also have two rescue dogs. Oh, and a husband, too 😉.

If you ever meet me, please come up and talk to me. You’ll notice I’m very curious about new people. I’d love to talk about everything from work, sports and news, to life, love and God. Someone once joked that “Butter doesn’t melt in front of Swedes” but I’d like to think I’m pretty warm once you get to know me.

How did you end up in Hong Kong?

After a decade long stay in London, my husband and I decided it was time to reinvent ourselves. Growing up in Sweden, and having also lived in NYC, Geneva and London, I felt a strong pull to try life in a warmer climate. Both my husband and I are optimistic about the growth opportunities in this part of the world and a new culture would mean new exposure and subsequently self-improvement and life learnings. So when a relocation opportunity came up we decided to take the leap. I was pregnant with my third child so it was perfect timing for me to find a new adventure career-wise.

You work for a tech company here in Hong Kong – how is it to do it here compared to Sweden? What are the differences?

I am very blessed to have always had fantastic employers and managers, be it in Stockholm or Hong Kong. Throughout my career, I have worked in entrepreneurial environments, commercial roles and with an international culture so my experience is therefore remarkably similar across different countries. I wish I had a more exciting answer but I am also proud of these employers who have managed to successfully execute a “local business, global mindset”.

What are the main challenges and advantages of being Swedish in a local company?

Diginex is an impact technology company solving some of the most pressing issues in the world around sustainability like ESG, climate and human rights. We have managed to foster a culture of genuine diversity. Hiring someone like myself to be the Chief Commercial Officer is a testament to how the founding team members respect and are open-minded to an individual and her performance, regardless of gender, background, culture or age. Being a fast-growing company scaling rapidly across the world, we have to put a lot of effort into relationship and culture building, both externally and internally, so I have from day one felt very welcomed and appreciated, as I try to make my colleagues feel, too. I think the biggest advantage of being a Swede in a local company is my ability to manipulate the decision-making process using irresistible Swedish cinnamon buns as a bribe.

What do you miss most about Sweden?

My dad and my best friends. Like a classic Swede, my friends back in Stockholm are people I got to know from the age of 14. Some of them are even from kindergarten. I miss them, their unconditional friendship and fun times together. It’s the downside of living an international life. I also miss the Swedish archipelago. Being in a tiny red wooden hut smack in the middle of raw nature with calm seas, a sauna and newly caught fish are some of my best memories in life. Nothing beats the bright midsummer nights of Swedish summer.

Do you have a favorite place in Hong Kong to visit during the weekend?

That would be the ocean again. Any beach or outlying island where we can go by boat or ferry is where you’ll find me most weekends with my very own circus of kids and dogs.