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Swedish SustainTech company Wayout wants to rebuild civilization from the start with their revolutionizing micro factories

Instead of shipping glass and plastic bottles around the planet, Wayout has developed a solution where beverages are produced locally in plug-and-play micro-factories. This January, the first one was delivered to Nairobi. The next one is going to the Serengeti. Across the globe, clients are queueing up for delivery this year. 

Clean Water

The most important ingredient in all beverage is water. Most people on Earth do not have access to clean drinking water. Wayout’s micro-factories treat all types of water – they even desalinate seawater. The treated water is remineralized to be included in all beverages or to be served directly as supreme quality drinking water, still or sparkling. 

Soft Drinks

The various soft drinks are produced in the micro-factory by mixing the mineral water with a wide range of extracts. In addition to functional drinks, the micro-factories can also produce sodas and tonics as well as flavored water. All beverages are locally produced and cooled before served directly from the module. 

Craft Beer

The micro-factories also contain complete breweries. The brewing process is simplified with the use of extract. Water, malt, hops, and yeast are the ingredients as per usual. Fermenting and storage are done classically. A series of recipes are ready to order and can easily be brewed into premium craft beer in the fully automated brewery.


Through modern research and new technology, Wayout’s micro-factories are engineered to have as little impact as possible on the environment. The fully automated system recycles water and energy internally and is developed to be powered by solar panels. When all beverage is locally produced from scratch, many harmful side effects are bypassed, like bottling, logistics, distribution, and plastic waste.

Plug-and-play The micro-factories are produced and assembled in Sweden and are delivered to clients around the world. The micro-factories are operated through a smartphone app. The ingredients are loaded manually, the rest is fully automated; water treatment, beverage mixing, brewing, and cleaning. On the app, the operator can easily select recipes, order ingredients, plan production, and follow the brewing process.

Start-up Wayout was founded in 2018 by an international group of engineers and business leaders with backgrounds in MedTech, FoodTech, IoT, telecom, payment services, and industrial design. The modules are designed by Bernadotte&Kylberg and No Picnic. Wayout has filed for patents for a range of innovations within the concept. In 2019, private investors acquired 20 percent in the company, at the time valuated at 9.4 million Euros