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Swedish Winter visits Schools in Hong Kong

Between December 16 – 18th we will visit a number of schools in and around Hong Kong and provide two different kind of performances. Some of the older students will meet Charlie Caper and his magcial show. The younger kids will experience the unique concept “Dance a Book”.

Charlie Caper

Charlie Caper is a Swedish magician who have travelled the world and amazed people in more than 50 countries. Now it’s time to visit Hong Kong and be part of the Swedish Winter Program.

We will see Charlie during the Christmas Celebration at Tsim Sha Tsui, but he will also visit a number of schools to inspire the students and give them a unique experience.

Read more about Charlie Caper on his own website. Click here

Dance a Book


Dance a Book  is a method in which dance and music would stimulate reading and language learning, as well as personal

Dance a Book can be used by primary and preschool teachers, library staff, dance
teachers and others who want to try combining reading and dancing. The method uses
free creativity on the basis of a picture book selected by the teacher or the group of children and the teacher together.

During the Swedish Winter Program a number of pre-schools will be visited by Choreographer Sophia Färlin-Månsson, and they will be able to experience this unique concept.

Read more about the concept in the Dance A Book Manual.