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The Mills, Hong Kong - December 3rd

Time: 4.45-5.15pm (Hong Kong time)

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We all know that we live in a changing world. We have all heard that the fashion industry is one of the biggest environmental culprits. But how will the industry move forward?

This SWEDTalk raises the question of how we can develop the industry through technology and data. Is this the way we raise quality and save the future? Lauren Boucher from the NGO Redress will lead a conversation with Pontus Karlsson at Happy Rabbit and Daniel Viklund at Fabriqo, who are at the forefront and developing a new system for a sustainable fashion industry – an open source solution called Fabriqo.

We get to listen to their experience and their thoughts on what the future solutions might look like. 

The seminar will give inspiration and insights about an industry that needs to see a quick change.


Anyone interested in sustainable fashion and/or the future.


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Lauren Boucher, Circular Fashion Programme Manager, Redress

Lauren works at Redress, a pioneering Hong Kong based environmental charity with a mission to prevent and transform textile waste to catalyse a circular economy and reduce fashion’s water, chemical and carbon footprints. Lauren’s work centres around developing educational events and resources for consumers through partnerships with fashion brands, corporates and schools. Her background is in intellectual property law and advertising law. Lauren sees fashion as an important vehicle for self-expression and wants to help build a future where we can continue to enjoy fashion in a more sustainable way. 

Speakers / Panelists

Pontus Karlsson

Pontus Karlsson, Tech-savvy Apparel & Fashion Entrepreneur - Director at Happy Rabbit.

  • Co-founder of WeSC brand (1.000 points of sale; IPO 2006)
  • Co-owner of Happy Rabbit Ltd (HK Trading Co)
  • Worked with a broad range of lifestyle, luxury, sportswear and fast-fashion brands

Daniel Viklund, Lead Software Developer at Fabriqo, a Fashion Tech initiative

  • 10 years working on customized back end solutions 
  • Back end projects range from Product Data management to Project Management
  • Clients include Svarowski and Under Armour

About Happy Rabbit

Happy Rabbit is a fashion supply chain service provider that helps forward-thinking companies to meet tomorrow’s requirements through digital transformation and automation of best practice.

Their “hybrid” business model allows customers to combine automation with human resource flexibly in order to access best practices as well as valuable data insights in the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective way possible.

Since 2007, Happy Rabbit has envisaged a technology-driven fashion future that successfully balances competitive advantage and collaboration, creativity and standardization, profitability and sustainability and speed to market and quality.

About Fabriqo

Fabriqo addresses the Fashion industry’s high barrier to digitization, which has for decades impeded the meaningful adoption of the sustainable innovations and solutions that contemporary consumers demand. 

By developing an open, cloud-based platform, they’re creating the structure and tools needed for the industry and community to share, discuss and agree on best practices in terms of data formats and knowledge. Encouraging experienced industry leaders to contribute with their knowledge could reduce the start-up time for newcomers, paving the way for innovative solutions.

On-demand access to such quality data will dramatically influence workflows and decision making, positively impacting speed-to-market, profitability, and sustainability, thus better-achieving user goals throughout.

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