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The happy food is green in new book

After the enormous successes with HAPPY FOOD and HAPPY FOOD 2.0, star chef Niklas Ekstedt and science journalist Henrik Ennart are now continuing the popular Happy Food series that has been successful in several countries.

Now Happy Food Green is released: About how green food makes life better. The book is filled with 50 appetizing recipes and dives deep into revolutionary research results on plant-focused diets.

In the ever-growing range of meat-free products and vegan alternatives, it is easy to get lost and not know what is actually best for both body and climate. Happy Food Green answers the question of how we can best live a more plant-based life.

– People are more aware than ever before and there are many reasons to want to live a greener and healthier life. With the right knowledge, a green diet change can have a variety of positive effects, both for the individual and society. We want to draw attention to this and help in Happy Food Green, says the author Henrik Ennart.

Behind the book are star chef Niklas Ekstedt and science journalist Henrik Ennart. Together with photographer David Loftus, they have created a book that highlights green ingredients and their role in our health, without losing flavor.

– The most important ingredient for a healthy and long life is a varied diet that is actually sustainable over time. At Happy Food Green, we have made sure to fill the pages with recipes that you can return to every day of the week, says Niklas Ekstedt.

Happy Food Green: About how green food makes life better is Niklas Ekstedt’s and Henrik Ennart’s fourth joint book and will be released on October 30 at Bookmark Förlag.