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The Real Santa

In the deep forests in Swedish Dalarna lies Santaworld, the land of fairy tales. Nestled amongst the high mountains, glittering lakes and waterfalls is the house of Santa. Here you will also find The Trolls’ Kingdom, The Fairytale Square, the Fairy Woods, the Witch’s House and other magical places that you have just visited in the saga so far. But here everything is for real and you are drawn into adventures and a world inhabited by fairies, spells, gnomes and other exciting characters. Santa took a break from his busy schedule and agreed to an interview.

What brings Santa to Hong Kong?

As everybody knows, I travel around the world during Christmas. I visit all the children and give them my special magical Christmas presents filled with hope, fantasy and dreams. I also give the children a special power which helps them take care of the earth – the nature, the animals and each other. This special power also helps the children to believe in themselves and to know that they are wonderful and fantastic just the way they are. If you give love to yourself you can also give love to others, and to nature and animals as well.

I also travel to different countries and cities to talk about these important matters and to meet children and listen to what they have to say. I think that as the future belongs to the children it is most important to listen to them – and now the time has come for Santa to visit Hong Kong!

How do we know you are the real Santa?

Of course I am the real Santa! I have these important messages to talk to children about. That proves I am the real Santa. I also have my very own land of fairytales where all my friends from the fairytales live together with Mrs. Santa and me. Trolls, fairies, gnomes, witches, dragons and many more exciting characters you will meet if you stop by Tomteland for a visit!

I am also the oldest Santa there is, so many hundreds of years old that I stopped counting. I was born in the starstruck between fantasy and reality. I lived for many hundreds of years close to the nature and the animals – I learned their language and all about the magical fairytale characters who also live close to nature. They became my friends. Everything on earth depends on everything else – a beautiful and sensitive system that we all have to take care of.

How do you have time to deliver all the Christmas presents?

I have a lot of magical powers that help me travel faster than light – that is why I can visit all the children on earth during Christmas. 

Do you have to be kind to get presents?

There is not one single child that is bad. All children are kind inside but can be surrounded by bad circumstances.

How are you advancing gender equality - what role does Mrs. Santa play?

Mrs. Santa and I are very equal and share all our work around the house equally. We have different talents and interests that also help us divide our work. For example Mrs. Santa is very interested in navigating by reference to the stars – she helps me find the best and fastest way to travel with our flying reindeers. One of my biggest interests is our magical world here in Tomteland. I can speak all magical languages and I know all magical spells that can be helpful in a land of fairytales.

The ice is melting, are you afraid we won’t have white winters in the future?

That is why it is crucial to talk to the children about these important matters  – to take care of the nature and mother earth. I am afraid of what is happening with climate change but I believe in the children and the young people today. They are all very enlightened and aware of what is happening. Mrs. Santa and I are very happy to see young people participating in protests and trying to persuade adult leaders to wake up and act. I believe in the children and in the ability of human beings to change and make the world a better and healthier place.

What do you do during holidays?

Mrs. Santa and I rest by the fireplace. We like to take walks in the forest and visit all our friends who live there, both fairytale characters and animals of all kinds. We also like to cook together and invite all our friends in Tomteland to big festivities with good food, music and dancing. Then of course once in a while we take the sledge and our flying reindeers for magical rides through the star-studded sky.

How often do you shave?

I do not like to shave – but Mrs. Santa helps me to tend to my beard once a month.

What is your favorite food/drink?

My favorite food is my special-made vanilla rice porridge with creamy milk and cinnamon and sugar. My favorite drink is something we call Julmust. It is a special-made Christmas drink that is very common in Sweden at Christmas time.

Text by Eva Ladeborn

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