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The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm initiates two digital projects with Swedish and European theatre houses

Due to the extraordinary events of this spring, the Royal Dramatic Theatre has initiated two documentary projects to be published on the theater’s digital stage and online streaming service, Dramaten Play. A national collaboration with nineteen Swedish theatres entitled “The Age of Uncertainty”, as well as an international collaboration between the Royal Dramatic Theatre and eight European theatres, called “Stories from Europe”, based on testimonies from people working in community-carrying functions.

– “One of my main goals as the new Artistic Director of the Royal Dramatic Theatre is to really investigate and question the concept of being a ‘National Theatre’. What does it mean in a contemporary polyphonic, segregated and globalized world? Therefore, it feels exciting to immediately initiate these projects – one on a national level, the other on an international. Although it´s only digital yet, I hope it could be a great starting point for the work I want to do with the ensemble and the theatre in the upcoming future,” says Mattias Andersson,theatre manager and artistic director at the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

Stories from Europe: Crisis and Reflection

European theatres collaborate within the Mitos21 network. Nurses, cleaners, taxi drivers and people from all over Europe who work in various community-carrying functions have been interviewed and playwrights have adapted their personal and existential stories.

Short monologues based on the stories from the interviewees, filmed and performed by actors from the different theatres. The films will be subtitled in English and shown through the participating theatres’ digital channels. The project is initiated by the Royal Dramatic Theatre who will contribute with two films.

Participating Theatres:

  • Berliner ensemble (Berlin / Germany
  • Burgtheater (Vienna / Austria)
  • Det Kongelige Teater (Copenhagen / Denmark)
  • The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Stockholm / Sweden)
  • Katona Jozsef Theatre (Budapest / Hungary)
  • National Theatre (London / England)
  • Teatre Iliure (Barcelona / Spain)
  • Teatro Stabile (Turin/Italy)
  • Thalia Theater (Hamburg / Germany)

    Premiere at Dramaten Play on Friday, June 12.

The Age of Uncertainty - a national digital monologue project

Within the framework of The Age of Uncertainty, nineteen Swedish theatres across the country collaborate to publish a series of newly written texts monologues, by locally based authors, performed by actors in place.

The texts convey different perspectives and impressions of life during the pandemic. It could be anything from a pertinent rapport on the situation to a utopian fantasy or a dystopian prediction. The Royal Dramatic Theatres contribution is written by the Swedish poet Athena Farrokhzad.

Participating Theatres:

  • Backa Teater (Gothenburg)
  • Dalateatern (Falun)
  • The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Stockholm)
  • Folkteatern Gävleborg (Gävle)
  • Giron Sámi Teáhter (Kiruna)
  • Helsingborgs stadsteater (Helsingborg)
  • Länsteatern på Gotland (Visby)
  • Malmö Stadsteater (Malmö)
  • Norrbottensteatern (Luleå)
  • Oktoberteatern (Södertälje)
  • Regionteater Väst (Borås/Uddevalla)
  • Scenkonst Sörmland (Eskilstuna)
  • Kulturhuset Spira (Jönköping)
  • Teater Halland (Varberg)
  • Teater Västernorrland (Sundsvall)
  • ung scen/öst (Linköping)
  • Västerbottensteatern (Skellefteå)
  • Västmanlands Teater (Västerås)
  • Örebro länsteater (Örebro)

Premiere at Dramaten Play on Saturday, June 6.