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They are this year’s digital role models

This year’s digital influencer is Bianca Ingrosso, this year’s digital educator Magda Gad and this year’s Corona Hero HRH Princess Sofia. The digital role models were praised during the annual Consid Gala on Saturday night.

The Consid Gala is usually held in the Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall, but this year the gala was held online. Star chef Fredrik Erikssons gave a Master class where the nearly 1,000 participants were coached to cook a three-course dinner in Nobel class. Consid’s CEO Peter Hellgren was the Master of Ceremony online and previous years’ winners handed out this year’s prizes.

The Consid awards go to people who are role models and who drive the digitalisation of Sweden forward.

The Digital Influencer of the Year - Bianca Ingrosso

The Digital Influencer of the Year award is given to an individual who during the year has pushed the digitalisation issue forward in an exemplary manner and as a result has gained a great deal of significance for digital development in Sweden.

Bianca Ingrosso became Digital Influencer of the Year with the motivation:

“Bianca Ingrosso is a great example of the power of Influencer marketing. This is shown, among other things, through her e-commerce company Caia Cosmetic, which in record time has become a major player in the beauty segment. Since the start in 2018, Caia Consmetics has become a multi-million company, where new collection releases end within a few minutes. In 2020, the brand will become international and be launched in Hong Kong, among other places. During the autumn, the power of influencer marketing was once again demonstrated when she released a clothing collection together with the e-commerce company Nelly.com, whose site crashed due to visitor pressure at the launch on September 21, 2020. “
The prize was awarded by last year’s winner, journalist Frida Boisen.

This year's eQualizer - Gunilla von Platen

This year’s eQualizer is awarded to an individual who in an exemplary manner has pushed the gender equality issue forward during the past year and thus played a significant role when it comes to a development in the right direction in the industry. Gunilla von Platen, business leader + summer speaker received the award this year with the motivation:

“She is an ambassador for several aid organizations, as well as Vice President of UN Women Sweden. She is building an orphanage in Syria, where all her income for the book “The Dragon in the Room” goes, and through her summer talk she has spread knowledge about gender equality and injustice in the business world. Based on her own life journey from refugee to well-known business profile, her followers have daily gained an insight into injustices at the top and what can be done to change this. ”

The award was presented by Microsoft Sweden’s CEO, Hélène Barnekow.

Digital educator of the year - Magda Gad

This year’s digital educators are awarded to an individual or an initiative that has shared its knowledge of digital in an exemplary manner and used the potential of digitalisation to spread its expertise. This year, Magda Gad, Expressen’s war correspondent, received the award. The motivation is:

“Swedish war correspondent who in a unique way informs Swedes about conflicts and events in all corners of the world – including some of the most dangerous places on earth. With a safety vest, but without blinders, she tackles even the most difficult topics and conveys complicated events in an easily accessible way. By being at the forefront of digital journalism, she makes sure to enchant new groups of media consumers who otherwise might not have been interested in foreign policy and our world. ”

Corona Hero of the Year - H.K.H Princess Sofia

New for this year is the category “Corona Hero of the Century” which is awarded to an individual who has contributed to making society a little better by educating and counteracting the spread of infection during the Covid-19 pandemic. H.K.H Princess Sofia receives the award because she:

“H.K.H Princess Sofia is our royal icon who chose to put on the white coat and work in the middle of the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sofiahemmet was strengthened and the Swedish people were further made aware of how serious the pandemic is. She has been praised around the world for her corona efforts. ”

The nomination of HRH Princess Sofia has attracted much attention in Sweden and Europe. Expressen, GT and Svensk Damtidning, among others, have written about the nomination. Abroad, Spanish El Mundo, German Bunte and French Gala, among others, have attracted attention at the Consid Awards.