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Three silvers for Fjäres gin in international spirits competition!

The two-man distillery Fieruaas Distillery won three silver medals in the prestigious international spirits competition London Spirits Competition.

The small-scale craft distillery in Halland’s Fjärås in Kungsbacka municipality, continues to put Sweden further on the international gin map!

This spring, Fieruaas Distillery made its very first launch: Fjäre Rare Distilled Gin. It followed up the two-man distillery with an oak barrel aged gin, Fjäre Oak Dry Gin, at the beginning of the year. And in June, Fjäre London Dry Gin will be launched, which will be on the shelf at Systembolaget. Now all three types of gin have been awarded silver medals in the London Spirits Competition, LSC, – a reputable international competition for spirits!

This year’s edition of the London Spirits Competition was the fourth in a row, and spirits from all over the world took part. In LSC, beverages are assessed on the basis of three primary criteria – quality, packaging and value for money.

– We are incredibly proud to have the honor of receiving these great prizes and not only that – that it was not just one silver, but three! Each silver medal for Fjäre London Dry Gin, Rare Distilled Gin and Oak Dry Gin. Totally amazing! We are so happy about the positive response and an international recognition for the quality of our gin! Says Michael Zachrisson, Fieruaas Distillery.

Behind the London Spirits Competition is the Beverage Trade Network, which organizes various types of events in the beverage industry around the world.