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Tomteland winner of the Grand Tourism Prize 2020

This year’s Grand Tourism Prize is awarded to a company in each county that during the corona pandemic worked with its operations in a sustainable and innovative way. Visit Dalarna has appointed Sagolandet Tomteland to represent Dalarna in the prestigious award.

Through a great deal of creativity, Sagolandet Tomteland, with the help of its artistic concept and in a playful way during the summer of 2020, has very well adapted its activities to the restrictions that the corona pandemic has brought.

“Tomteland has adapted and created experiences with great care for both visitors and staff and also attracted a record number of visitors, which is impressive,” says Jonas Rosén, CEO of Visit Dalarna.

At Tomteland, all experiences take place outdoors and through investments in new fabulous environments, a larger number of actors and more experiences, the park has been able to spread activities and visitors in the 18-hectare park.

“This summer has been a great effort. To open the park at all and put in the work required to offer a safe environment for our visitors and employees was a big decision “, says Camilla Collett, CEO of Sagolandet Tomteland.

The message of protecting nature, people and animals permeates the entire business and is conveyed to visitors in a playful way, without cues. Corona adaptations have been woven into the program. With the help of all the fairy tale characters, guest hosts and different types of reminders, the visitors have been informed, shown and helped to act in a desirable way. For example, the trolls have urged visitors to keep a magic tail at a distance from each other and have shown that it is fine to be air-hugged.

“We are very happy and proud to represent Dalarna and receive the award. That we are noticed for our commitment to staff and visitors means a lot, ”says Camilla.