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Ultra convenient, trendy, green and healthy – the new Greenfood Insights – the latest on the convenience food of the future

Our era’s rapid-paced lifestyle, which must have time for everything, makes our lives more complex. That’s why consumers are looking for time-saving options, shortcuts and smart life hacks in every aspect of their lives. They’re all used to getting these new things WWW: whatever they want, whenever they want it, and wherever they are. To the food industry, this means aiming for every form of convenience. The new Greenfood Insights brings together insights, searches and analyses about the convenience food of the future based on interviews with industry experts.

Greenfood is one of northern Europe’s biggest players in terms of healthy convenience food and helps some of the market’s biggest retailers improve their offerings. The group is now releasing Greenfood Insights, which gathers insights and investigations into the convenience food of the future. Greenfood Insights presents interviews with leading industry experts, product developers and business partners.

Today’s consumers are looking for time-saving alternatives and shortcuts throughout their lives. Accordingly, it is more imperative than ever for the food industry to make like easier for consumers by providing a strong, on-the-go concept and snacks and meals that are easy to take with you. It has also been observed how convenience food, or food-to-go, has been a flourishing category in recent years thanks to new payment and ordering technologies and influential food trends: modern society is encouraging and rewarding products that cater to consumers’ shortage of time.

Convenience solutions have also been important to consumers and businesses alike during the pandemic. Home food deliveries and digital solutions enabling quick meal pick-ups have been a lifeline for many restaurants.

Greenfood Insights also shows that:

  • Today’s modern consumers want convenience, but they also demand products that are tailored to their specific needs. They want a wide range of healthy options, growth-based products or foods that conform to their lifestyle. At the same time, they want modern flavour combinations reflecting current food trends, without compromising on quality.
  • Ten years ago, consumers talked about eating healthier and more vegetarian. The difference now is that they’re no longer just talking; they’re actually buying a greater number of vegetarian and healthy food-to-go products.
  • According to a survey conducted by Greenfood, 29 percent state that they plan to eat more vegetarian and plant-based. Among 18-34 year olds, the number is even higher, 38 percent.
  • The range of convenience products has increased exponentially in recent years, and the wider range exemplifies a trend that has affected the entire food industry. Today, a supermarket can offer as many as 50,000 products, compared to the 1970s when the same figure was under 10,000.
  • More things to choose from make it more difficult to pick the right product. Shops and manufacturers must make it easier for consumers to navigate shop shelves and encounter clear, informative packaging that communicates content and meets consumers’ needs for information.