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Ur Spår – Vasaloppet becomes a feature film

The Vasaloppets winter week 2020 not only offers skiing for nearly 60,000 participants. This year, the arena from Sälen to Mora will also become a place for filming, when the Swedish drama comedy Ur Spår (Out of track), which is scheduled to go to the cinemas in the winter of 2021, will be recorded

– The Vasaloppet has a special place in the Swedish soul. Actually, it’s strange that no one has made a feature film with Vasaloppet in focus before, says Cecilia Forsberg and Emma Nyberg, producers for Ur Spår on Yellow Bird and Jarovsky.

Mårten Klingberg is the director, who has been in charge of films such as Offside, Cockpit and My Dad Marianne. Maria Karlsson, with a background from films like Snabba cash, and the TV series Advokaterna and Fartblinda, has written the script for this hot comedy about a sibling couple with different challenges in life. Siblings who will take on the 90 kilometres challenge in the Vasaloppet in completely different ways.

– It feels fantastic to be able to film up in Dalarna and in connection with Vasaloppet. We have been so well received so far. I think this is going to be a broad film that many can relate to – not just those who have run the race. The film is basically about achievement, love and relationships, says Mårten Klingberg.

In addition to the Vasalopps arena, the recording of Ur Spår will also take place in Stockholm and Luleå. During the Vasaloppet winter week, it is mainly about capturing overview pictures that will be filmed as the race goes on. The recording with the actors will take place with extras in the Vasalopps arena and is scheduled for days and times outside the event. The actors who are part of the project are not yet official, but on Monday, February 24, everything starts.

Parts of the production team have been on site several times in Sälen, Mora and out in the arena to plan. Right now they are also looking for staff on site who can help, such as extras and assistants.
– From Vasaloppet’s point of view, we have been involved from the idea stage and supported with facts, inspiration and logistics. Both the scriptwriter and the director have been on site for two winter weeks, 2018 and 2019, and to now see everything become a reality feels so much fun, says Camilla Sandy Swarén, press officer at Vasaloppet.

Drama Comedy Ur Tracks is produced by Jarovsky and Yellow Bird and is co-produced with SF Studios, Filmpool Nord and Sweden’s Television.

Out of Tracks is scheduled to premiere at cinemas in Sweden in the winter of 2021.

Upcoming events in the Vasalopps arena

Vasaloppets winter week 2020

Fri 21 Feb: Vasaloppet 30 (f d Kortvasan). 30 km. Start Oxberg
Sat Feb 22: The girl vase. 30 km. Start Oxberg
Sun Feb 23: Youth vase. 9/19 km Start Eldris / Hökberg
Sun Feb 23: Open Track Sunday. 90 km. Start the seals
Mon Feb 24: Open Track Monday. 90 km. Start the seals
Tue 25 Feb: Vasaloppet 45 (f d Halvvasan). 45 km. Start Oxberg
Fri 28 Feb: The baton. 9-24 km. Five-man team. Start the seals
Fri 28 Feb: Nattvasan 90. 90 km. Two-person teams. Start the seals
Fri 28 Feb: Nattvasan 45. 45 km. Two-person teams. Start Oxberg
Sat Feb 29: The blueberry race. 9 km. Start Eldris
Sun Mar 1: Vasaloppet. 90 km. Start Seals (FULL SIGNED)

Photo: Vasaloppet/Nisse Svhmidt

Vasaloppets summer week 2020

Fri 14 Aug: Cycle bike Open track. 94 km. Start the seals
Fri Aug 14: Bicycle vase printing. 1 km. Lindvallen. Start the seals
Sat Aug 15: Cycle bike 90. 94 km. Start the seals
Sun Aug 16: Cycle bike 30. 32 km. Start Oxberg
Sun Aug 16: Youth bike vase. 32 km. Start Oxberg
Sun Aug 16: Cycle bike 45. 45 km. Start Oxberg
Sat Aug 22: Trailvasan 30. 30 km. Start Oxberg
Sat Aug 22: Ultravasan 45. 45 km. Start Oxberg
Sat Aug 22: Ultravasan 90. 90 km. Start the seals
Sat Aug 22: The vases. 90 km. Runner relay for ten-man team. Start the seals
Sat Aug 22: The Vase Quartet. 90 km. Runner relay for four-man team. Start the seals

About Vasaloppet

The Vasa race is the world’s largest ski race. Vasaloppet’s winter week with cross-country skiing and Vasaloppet’s summer week with mountain biking and running attracts close to 100,000 registered participants every year. Vasaloppet is a non-profit operation owned by IFK Mora and Sälens IF. An engine for public health and social life, in the tracks of the fathers for future victories!

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