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‘Voyage,’ ABBA’s first album in 40 years

It took almost 40 years but now the new ABBA album has been launched. It feels like yesterday but at the same time a lot of time has passed. However, when you listen to the new album Voyage, you are drawn back to the time when you went and bought the latest album. It sounds “the same”, the group has not tried to adapt their music to how it sounds today – yet there is something new in some of the songs.

It’s quite entertaining to read the reviews around this new album – some call it a masterpiece and give it 5 stars – others trash it and give it an awfully low rating. So what is the right assessment? Well, it does not really matter that much – it is just to realize that the taste is highly individual.

Personally, I think it’s amazing that a group where everyone is 70+ releases a new record after such a long time. The voices sound fantastic considering the time that has passed, the music is recognizable, the joy is there. And something that applies to every single ABBA record that has been released before, there are fantastic songs and there are some you might not like as much. One thing is for sure though – there will never be a new Swedish group that has a career this amazing, and that does a fantastic reunion 40 years later.

All cred to ABBA and as a Swede you can only realize that you should be proud of this Swedish greatness. Here you can listen to two of the newly released songs: