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Why we’re changing our logos for Pride month

At NCC Group we are committed to creating an environment where all colleagues feel psychologically, emotionally, and physically safe to be their authentic selves. That means working to make our workplace more inclusive for our LGBTQIA+ colleagues.

We know that this is not a change that can be enacted in a month. Our commitment to Inclusion and Diversity at the Group began before this June and will continue far beyond it. We’ve already started to build a more inclusive workplace through our NCC Conversations programme, where our colleagues share their lived experiences to help others understand more about any given topic.

For Pride month, NCC Conversations will be led by our LGBTQIA+ Steering Committee. June’s activities include talks from industry professionals, articles based on the Committee’s personal experiences, advice on how to avoid cyber attacks aimed at LGBTQIA+ individuals, guidance on how you can support the community as an ally and much more that builds on previous conversations hosted by the LGBTQIA+ Steering Committee.

Beyond our NCC Conversations programme, working together with our professional teams and other steering committees, we are exploring partnerships and policy changes that would benefit our LGBTQIA+ colleagues with lasting positive consequences.

Changing our logo for Pride is a reflection of the work that has been done over the last year and of the commitment we have made to continue making NCC Group a safe place for LGBTQIA+ people.

To all our colleagues, and to everyone, happy Pride month!