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Win a Swedish Santa Claus (Tomte)

In December, it’s time for the annual Swedish Winter Project in Hong Kong. If you visit Tsim Sha Tsui between December 13-15th you will be able to meet the real Swedish Santa Claus, together with his helper. The Swedish Consulate who organize the event hope you will pass by to say hello and take a selfie together with him.

Win a Swedish "tomte"

Besides this, you will be able to see some real Swedish handicrafts by Swedish company TippTapp. Mona Wikström and Elisabet Lennbom, who are the enthusiasts behind this company every year produce hundreds of hand-made Santa Claus (tomtar). They are usually sold at various Christmas markets in Sweden, among others the famous Christmas market at Skansen in Stockholm.

“Tomtarna” will not be sold in Hong Kong this year, but if you want to win one you can. What you need to do is to support a crowdfunding campaign, where all money is raised for the registred charity, Bring Me A Book. This is a campaign supported by the Swedish Winter Project. 5 people who help us to share this campaign will win a Tomte.

To win:

  1. Share the campaign on your Facebook or Instagram (or both)
  2. Tag @bmabhk so that you can be found
  3. Write a #hashtag of your choice. The 5 best hashtags will win.

Please note that you do NOT have to donate any money to be part of this competition – sharing the campaing is enough. (but all donations are welcome)


Your donation will be matched

Your gift to Bring Me a Book today will be matched – dollar for dollar up to HK$25,000 – thanks to The Banjo Boys. Help us bring books to kids in need

The Banjo Boys will match your donation to Bring Me A Book – dollar for dollar up to HK$25.000!

Please share this competition with your friends!

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