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World record for IKEA furniture

On Sunday, the IKEA armchair “Cavelli” was sold at auction for the record price of SEK 151,000 (SEK 185 including commission). The armchair was sold at Stadsauktion Sundsvall at Auctionet’s autumn quality auction. The interest in advance was enormous and it was clear early on that a record could be reality.

After intensive bidding with a large number of stakeholders from all over the world, we were able to state that a new world record for an IKEA piece of furniture has been achieved.

“Cavelli” was designed in 1958 by Bengt Ruda and was only produced in a handful of copies as it was only in production for a very short time.

“The model is a milestone in IKEA’s collection and since it was basically impossible to find, it has become something of a holy grail for design enthusiasts,” says Auctionet’s design expert Andreas Siesing as a comment on the final price.

“Cavelli also has great symbolic value when designer Bengt Ruda was recruited from NK to IKEA’s newly started drawing office as a first important step in designing furniture to a greater extent rather than just selling it,” says Andreas. “with the ambition to furnish, decorate and help shape the Swedish folk home. We hope that these prices will give rings on the water and that more unusual IKEA furniture will come on the market,” Andreas concludes.

“We followed the bidding with great excitement and were of course very pleased that it was sold at a record price,” says Anders Melin, CEO of Stadsauktion Sundsvall. “We are happy for both the buyer’s and the seller’s,” Anders continues.